Introduction: Restore Vintage Stationary Bike

Hi guys today i will show you how I restored a stationary bike.

Model. slender bike vx3p

This is a very old stationary bike that had been neglected by its previous owners and stored outside.A friend of mine was planning on throwing it out one day, and i offered to help.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

I will use the minimum amount of tools on this , since most of the nuts and bolts have rust on them its better to replace it either way so i wont be using the right size bits but rather locking vise grips and wd40

1 flat head screwdriver

2 locking vise grips

Phillips screwdriver

sander ( and various grits of sand paper)

spray paint


large plastic sheet( to cover area around bike when painting)

various rugs for cleaning

spray bottle

Step 2: Inspection

overall, there are numerous spots of rust and faded paint and damaged pieces. so here we go.

model sticker needs to be overhauled rusty tire cover needs to shine, the seat had to go. odometer needs to be cleaned . hand grips need to be replaced. seat post needs major shine. chain be replaced or deep clean. etc.. etc.. etc...

Step 3: Disassembly

Started with a knife.

Cut out the handle bar grips, because they were so old and cracked up .

Remove the timer and odometer and spedometer holder .

Loosen the bolt for the handlebar holder.

Slide out the handle bar.

Remove the bolt securing the seat to the seat post.

Remove the seat

Loosen the bolt securing the seat post to the frame.

Remove the seat post.

Remove screws securing the frame to the front tire.

Remove the nuts securing the tire to the front fork.

Remove tire.

Remove tire cover .

Loosen the double ring screws securing the front stem to the forks

pry out the stem

Remove supporting metal.

Step 4: Sanding Cleaning and Painting.

Buy new handle bar grips

Buy new seat.

sand off the rust off the seat post.

Sand off the rust from the handlebar

sand off the rust from the tire cover

clean off the uv damaged plexiglass off of the odometer

start with 400 grit sand paper and wet sand it.

progress to 800 and then a 1000 grit

and then polish it. and then spray a sealer on it

Clean the bike chain.In gasoline while brushing it with a metal brush

Sand and clean off any rust from the frame

Cover the whole area around the frame with a plastic sheet

spray a primer, then a paint of your choice. shiny gloss is preferred.

avoid over spraying to avoid tears of paint on the frame.

paint the timer and the odometer plastics .

Clean off and sand the rims of the tire.

Step 5: Finally , Put It All Together

so assemble all the parts together .

New seat.

New handlebar grips

replace some nuts and bolts

And there you have it.