Restored Old Key Fob

Introduction: Restored Old Key Fob

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Hello, first of all english is not my first language so sorry for the inconvenience, will try to do my best :p

Those of us that own a (very) old car (like me) most likely don´t use the key fob anymore. Not because it doesn´ t work ( just have to replace battery when that happens ) but because is so weared that there´s no way to replace the buttons or one risks losing the fob or the attached keys.

Luckly the fob button of my old 1996 Honda Civic Coupe was not weared (yet) and still worded, problem is the rest was completely falling apart and there was no way to have the keys attached. I could use one of those universal key covers but had it for a while and didn´t like how it fitted.
And while is extremelly easy to find replace covers for the Civic key fob, somehow mine is a very rare keyfob type of just one button and there was no way to find it only. Honda charged me 200 euros for a brand new one ( yeah, right... ) and a obscure russian site had one compatible cover for half the price ( yeah, right! 100 euros asking to be lost forever ).


So, went to the my local chinese mall ( where you can find anything at cheap aliexpress prices, mostly chinese crap ) and bought this:

A cheap wallet (for the fabric): 1.50 euros. You can use any fabric you want as long is resistent like fake leather
A cheap epoxy clay: 1 euro
A can of cheap contact glue: 2 euros
A cheap set of screw hooks: 1 euro
A cheap brush: 1.25 euros
A cheap punch pliers set: 4 euros
A new battery: 3 euros

Step 1: Disassemble the Old Key Fob

As you can see it was not in the best shape

Step 2: Fix the Hook in What´s Left of the Case

The hook will be used to carry the key ring what used to be a closed piece of plastic

Step 3: Fill the Gap With Epoxy Clay

Used epoxy clay to fill the missing areas around the hook, levaing a hole in the center, where the key ring will be inserted. Epoxy clay comes in two pieces that mixing creat a hard substance similar to plastic, so if possible use some gloves, otherwise you´ll stay with your hands stinking and dry.
Don´t worry about the imperfections, it will all covered. It dries very fast, in about 20 minutes.

Step 4: Wrap the Fob

Cut the fake leather wallet fabric and wrap the fob to check where the button and hook hole fits. Cut the area surrounding the button and with the punch plier pinch a ring hole in each side ( that´s were the keyring will fit ).
I personally liked this pattern of the "leather", but you may choose one you like

Step 5: Glue the Wrap

Now all holes are in place, with a paintbrush apply the contact glue all over the fabric and wrap the fob.
Apply tight plastic clamps to make pressure and let it dry all night long.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Restored Key Fob

So, with about 10€ ( or less if you have allready the supplies ) you can have a brand new key fob.
Probably only problem is to change the battery, but one normally ( depending how often is used ) lasts at least 2 years, and by that time I hope ( yeah, dream on ) to change car, and is relatively easy to change it, just peel off the fabric ( is not that fragile ) in the back, replace the battery and glue it again :)

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