Introduction: Restored Suitcase for a Bed Dog

Looking for a new bed for Franky i saw online very nice beds made from vintage suitcases, and i loved that idea.

I got through DoneDeal a 2nd hand vintage suitcase and... let's the fun began!!

Step 1: Cleaning

As you can see the suitcase it wasn't in the best conditions.

First thing i did was clean it with CIF and a wet cloth.

Take off all the inside that i could and clean the locks with Vinegar. I don't need them to be shiny anyway as i am planning to paint them.

Step 2: Fixing the Broken Corners.

PVA glue and a bit of water.

With the help of small pieces of newspapers, I had been fixing all the corners of the suitcase and keeping clear those few little spots that I am planning to paint in a different color.

I left it to dry overnight.

Step 3: Spraying.

I have covered all the details that i want to keep clean of painting and protected the working area and use this spray that a friend gave me half full. I know its not the normal paint but it has done the same job.

Gave a second coat after 20 min.

My first impression when i started to spry, it was : OMG!! this is not the color that i expected !!

But i just started so i had to finished it and for my surprise, the color it was just lovely once was dried :)

Step 4: Painting Details

I had this chalk paint at home from another project and i liked the contrast with the brown so i did not need to buy a new one.

To make it look a little bit older i got this dark wax (annie sloan was the only brand i could find in Dublin, ireland)

You can use a brush like i did or some old clothe. You do not need to put too much wax in the brush, and then push again the material (suitcase in this case) to spread the wax. As much you put, darker will be.

Step 5: Decoration and Few More Things

I have use cardboard to cut the exact size of each side of the suitcase. I know no one will see it once the bed its inside it but now it looks nicer and cleaner.

I got this old map in a bookshop for 5 euros, cut a piece of cardboard and glue it.

It looked too new compared with the rest of the suitcase so i decided to apply some of the dark wax and the result was just perfect. In the photo you can see the difference between wax (left part)| and no wax (on the right of the map).

Got some little chains from the hardware shop and use them to keep the lid open.

Got a nice blanket from the pet shop but probably you can get it in any textile shop too.

To finish it, I cut the of felt and glue it to the bottom of the suitcase to protect the floor to be scratched.