Introduction: Restored VT101 Terminal With Krylon Fusion Paint

This rare unit was being tossed out by my college as it had been in service since '82. I snatched it up because it had a really cool design, and I had a us for it as an interface to my micro board. Unfortunately, however is was dirty and permanently yellowed from age. This would not do in my house! So I thought the best way to restore it was a paint for plastic. I completely disassembled the unit and keyboard, and painted all parts that were originally white.This turned out better than expected. It's nearly perfect! Looking at it reassembled now, you can't tell it wasn't taken out of the box new.

I carefully peeled off all stickers (to reapply later), then used Varsol to remove the sticker residue. With all residue removed, i cleaned the parts in the bathtub with a bar of Irish Spring. I then rinsed thoroughly with cold water,used a fresh towel to dry, then let sit for the remainder of the water to evaporate. This worked great, no fish eyes or distortion to the finish.

Several thin coats of Fusion were applied. No primer. I sprayed always with the same pattern, no crossing perpendicularly. I left the parts to dry over night before assembly. I then sprayed the back of all removed stickers with spray adhesive, and re-appied them (on rear of unit) with tweezers.