Restoring a Childs Metamorphic High Chair

Introduction: Restoring a Childs Metamorphic High Chair

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I'm sorry for the lack of pictures. I restored this chair a few years ago I didnt share my work back then.

I saw the metamorphic high chair at a reclamation yard and knew I could bring it back to its former glory. So thats what I did.

Step 1: Before

There is no quick trick (that I know of) to remove the paint. I used paint remover and elbow grease. It took a lot of scraping, sanding and hardwoork. I kept going until it was completely down to bare wood and all of the paint was removed. I cleaned off all of the metal parts too. I made sure they were all free to now move because the paint had stopped the high chair from folding into the rocking chair.

Once all the paint had gone I made sure it was all nice and smooth to the touch with some fine sandpaper. I needed to make a replacent tray so I used an old cutting board for that. I just cut it shape using a jigsaw and added a plywood base. I made a new plywood seat and drilled in the original star pattern. I used some real leather to create a back rest and seat cushion. For the finish on the wood I used some raw linseed oil as this is a food safe finish and it will really bring out the beauty of the wood.

Step 2: After

This is the final result. I am really pleased with how it turned out. When you think of how it looked before covered in paint and generaly in bad shape.

Again I am sorry there isnt more photos of the proccess but I hope this can serve more as an inspiration. It just shows that with a little time and effort you can bring new life into what could be considered rubish.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It's nice that you saw the potential in that chair and even better that you made it shine again. Thanks.