Introduction: Restoring My Grandfather's 80 Year Old Rusted Knife

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This is to restore an old rusted knife to near mirror polish.

Step 1: Removing Rust

The easiest way to remove most of the rust is to leave overnight the knife submerged in a tub filled with a solution of

Vinegar + Baking Soda + Salt+ Lemon extract + Water.

After that the knife can be brushed to get a good start surface

Step 2: Sanding

After securing the knife, the knife has to be sanded.

Using we and dry emery papers starting from 200 grit to all the way upto 2000 grit

Cutting strips of emery paper and using a support tool, the knife is stroked from inside to out using oil/water to aid the process.

While sanding with water/oil, slush is formed. This aids a lot in polishing the knife.

Both the sides of the knife to be polished equally.

Step 3: Polishing / Buffing

After sanding with the highest available grit sand paper (softest), buffing can be done.

A soft buffing wheel with soft polishing compound is to be used.

At the end of which the knife has now a near mirror polish.

After achieving satisfactory polish, a sharpening tool to be used to put an edge on the knife with the desired angle.

Bring back the nearly a century old knife to its all glory is an award in itself.