Restoring a Clock

Introduction: Restoring a Clock

Ever encountered a broken clock and want to repair it? This instructable is for you. In this instructable I'M going to show you how you can restore a clock actually making a new one out of broken one. So carefully read this instructable and learn to do this. For your help photos are uploaded also in series from left to right as we proceed.


The following things you will we needing for this built :-

  • Broken clock's machine with its holder
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Colours, brush
  • Glue
  • Basic stationery
  • Toothpicks
  • Threads

Step 1: Making New Body

In this clock we are going to make it's body simple so consider the following points

  • Cut cross shape out of cardboard sheet and make grooves in it as I did and shown in picture above and cut out a hole at the centre of cross through which the clock shaft will pass. These groves will help cardboard to bent in better way.
  • Now paint the cardboard piece here I painted it black but choice is totally yours

Step 2: Making the Arrows

We are gooing to make only two arrows in our clock we will remove the second's arrow. Here we are making arrows by two methods. I applied first method to minute arrow and second to hour arrow. I recommend the second one. So to make the two arrows follow the below points :-

  • Cut the older arrows make it a complete ring (minute arrow) or let some part of arrow attach to the ring and cut out the rest (hour arrow)
  • Make a slit at one end of toothpick and insert the ring (as in minute arrow) or the remains part of arrow (as in hour arrow) into the slit.
  • Cut the other end of toothpicks in "L" shape and make them stick with glue and make large arm for minute arrow (not required for hour arrow)
  • This point is totally up to you how you decorate you arrows here I use a thread and wrap it around arrows to make a criss-cross pattern you see them in above photos

Step 3: Assembling the Body

This is the last step of this built and in this we will assemble all the parts we had created so have a look at following points :-

  • Fit the machine inside the holder (photo 1)
  • Place the cardboard piece onto the holder (photo 2,3)
  • Now fold and stick the outer flaps of cardboard to the holder and tie the nut of shaft (photo 4,5)
  • Now last and final attach the two arrows to tha shaft

Now insert a AA battery in the clock and hang it on the wall. This is a sweet and small clock and easy to make also.

Please give suggestions and ask doubts in comment box and have a nice day : )

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