Introduction: Restoring an Axe

In this intractable I will be showing you how to completely how to restore and axe and please comment if you have any suggestions or comments and please follow and like this Intractable:)

Step 1: Items You Will Need.

The items that you will need are the following:

Sand paper


Sharpening Rock



Screw Driver
Paper Towel


If you want to know how to sharpen you axe head check out my other intractable called Sharpening an axe. If you are not sharpening the axe you will not need the Paper Towels, Sharpening rock and the WD-40. If your axe head is to big or to small to work on you can take off the head with the screw driver and hammer and use the screw driver simply as a chisel to chisel off the axe head. To get the head back on hammer it in and with any marks of the wood fill them in with wood puddy.

Step 2: Sharpening You Axe Head.

What you will need is to have the sharpening rock and sharpen the axe head. Please make sure you have the sharpening rock soaked in WD-40 and then start the sharpening. If you are unsure on how to sharpen the the axe head in my other Intractable titled Sharpening an axe head. Please be sure to be careful.

Step 3: Sanding the Handle.

Next sand the axe handle with the sand paper. It does not matter what grit sand paper you use but I recommend a higher grit sand paper to make the work more easy. If your head of the axe gets in the way of the sanding take off the axe head with the screwdriver and hammer and when you are ready to put the axe head back on use the hammer and hammer the head back on to the handle. If the screw driver leaves any marks use wood buddy to blend them in with the rest of the handle.

Step 4:

Finally you have finished the axe handle. Please like this intractable and if you want to check out any of my other intractable head over to my profile. If you have and questions, comments or concerns feel free to comment them below. Thanks:)