Resurrection of X7 G800V

Introduction: Resurrection of X7 G800V

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A lil about the keyboard

  • Disable Windows key during games
  • Avoid accidentally pressing the Windows key on keyboard and improve your gaming experience.
  • Response time up to 1 ms / 1000 Hz 8 Times faster than normal USB keyboard (8 ms/ 125 Hz)
  • 96K on-board memory No driver required to perform custom macros.
  • Spill-proof structure Completely sealed membrane and drain holes ensures excellent spill-proof result.
  • One-touch hotkeys Quick access to multi-function.
  • High durability silicone key-caps Comfortable keystroke feel and 20,000,000 cycle lifetime.

Tools/things required

1. Screw driver set

2. A cup

3. Dish washing soap ( or any other cleaner kind of thing )

4. A brush for scrubbing

Modding requirements

1. Carbon fiber vinyl

2. Scissors ( Should have flawless working )

3. Blade ( Use a new one for smooth finishes )

4. Good workplace with enough light ( I usually work on my iron stand )

5. Patience ( Must or things get messy )

6. A small box ( to place screws and all the small parts that u take off from your component )

Step 1: Opening and Cleaning

  • Open the keyboard ( un-screw )
  • Clean with water and scrub with brush to remove stains
  • Dry it
  • spray paint
  • Ad carbon fiber vinyl ( Optional )
  • Close it
  • Enjoy

There is no trick or any thing that can fall in complex category. Its as simple as rotating the screw anticlockwise to open and clockwise to close.

Rest here are some painting tips

• Not a fan of the glossy.shiny spray paint finish but matt paints are really hard to find.

• However here are the tips for spray painting

• Clean the surface thoroughly and spray outside.

• Dnt spray in direct sunlight.

• Shake the can well before spraying 1-2 min. Its must.

• Maintain 0.7-1 foot distance from the surface to be painted.

• Spray in rhythm like the car wipers move.

• Spray as much thin layers as u can.

•Wait 5-8 min after every coat.

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