Retractable Air Hose on Portable Compressor




Introduction: Retractable Air Hose on Portable Compressor

A retractable air hose attached to a wall in a shop is neat and convenient. So why not have the same convenience on a Portable Compressor?

Step 1: Materials

I was tired of the tangled mess of the air hose, especially when working in a cluttered or confined area. So I waited till a retractable air hose came on sale and mounted it on the handle of my portable compressor.
Materials needed:
A scrap piece of ¾ in plywood (7x10 in was the size that worked for my compressor)
A roll of steel suspension strapping
8 - ¾ in wood screws
3 - 1½ long ¼ in bolts
3 - ¼ in lock nuts
3 -  ¼ in flange washers

Step 2: Cut Strapping for Clamps

Cut 4 pieces of strapping to make clamps to attach the plywood base to the handle of the compressor. 
the length you need depends on the thickness of the handles of the compressor. Cut strapping so you have enough to bend around handle to attach to plywood base.
I made mine 2½ inches long.
Use the handle to form clamps.

Step 3: Plywood Base to Mount to Handle

The plywood base needs to be wide enough to over hang the handle, about 1½ in on each side so you have enough room to attach the clamps. I made the length the same as the base of retractable air hose.
Measure the width of the handle and subtract the diameter (of the tubing the handle is made of) and this will give you centre measurement  of the two sides of the handle.
Now you can mark reference lines on the plywood.
Dry fit the clamps and mark out screw holes BUT don't attach to the handle yet.

Step 4: Holes for the Retractable Air Hose Base

Now to pre drill the holes for the retractable air hose mounting base.
Take your piece of plywood and clamp it into your Jawhorse (If you don't have a Jawhorse you should get one they're awesome).
Take the base of the retractable air hose (most are removable from the main reel) and centre it on top of the plywood to mark out the holes for the three mounting bolts. Pre drill the holes.

Step 5: Finish

Now reattach the plywood to the handle, screw down all the clamps.
Attach retractable air hose using ¼ inch bolts ,nuts and Flange washers.

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