Introduction: Retractable Dog Tie-out

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I needed a way to tie my dog outside for short periods of time, but didn't want the eyesore of a cable or rope strung across the sidewalk or lawn, especially since I'd have to pick it up every time I mowed. I did find some retractable cable tie-outs available commercially, but they didn't get great reviews and were a bit pricey, it did however provide some inspiration for this solution.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

All supplies were purchased from my local Harbor Freight, but you could use your existing leash or yard stake.

  • 24' retractable leash - $5.99
  • spiral yard stake - $3.99
  • 5" carabiner - $1.50

I already had a retractable leash, but it was only 16' long so I decided to buy the longer one to give her a little more range.

Step 2:

  • Find a suitable position for your stake. I decided to put mine in the rock bed so I wouldn't have to mow around it or remove it.
  • Clip the carabiner in the ring of the stake
  • Clip the leash handle in the carabiner

You also want to extend the leash fully and walk the path to make sure that your dog will be confined to a suitable area and not able to reach the street, driveways, etc.

Step 3: Tie the Dog Out

Now I can tie my dog out to do her business while I get ready for work in the mornings.

There are several benefits of this setup:

  • The leash comes in the house with the dog so it won't have to withstand the elements
  • No unsightly cables or ropes spread across the lawn
  • Auto retracting so no tangles in the leash
  • No need to pickup before mowing
  • Gives more time to get ready in the morning without waiting for nature's call for my dog

Step 4:

If you'd like to watch the video, it's here.

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