Introduction: Retractable Window Awning Made of PVC Frame & Drop Cloth Fabric

This is a very inexpensive retractable window awning project.

Step 1: Awning Retracted.

Awning in retracted position.

Step 2: Cleat Hold Awning Retracted

Cleat tied to cleat to hold retracted awning

Step 3: Marine Fitting to Swivel Frame

Used a marine hardware to rotate awning frame.

Step 4: Center Fitting at Window Mullion

Sometimes center support frame needs special attention for window operation.

Step 5: Closeup of Elbow

End el for awning frame

Step 6: Pulleys and More Pulleys

Polley setup needs some attention

Step 7: Pulleys

More pulleys

Step 8: Center Support

Center support

Step 9: Fasten Awning to Building

An aluminum flat bar works fine to secure the awning to wall.

Step 10: Center Support

Center support frame

Step 11: Center Support

Special attention at window mullion.

Step 12: And It Works

Interior with sun in the west.