Retractable Wings

Introduction: Retractable Wings

I developed these wings for my own action figures but they can be adapted to Lego and Technic creations. The pieces I used came frrom Technic and Bionicle sets.

Step 1: List of Parts

Parts needed
2 - angled beam (7 long, 3 angled)
1 - straight beam (6 long)
2 - #5 angled connector
2 - technic pin
2 - technic axle 3 with stud
2 - bushing
1 - soft axle (7 long)
2 - scalloped wings

Step 2: Pinion Sandwich

Begin with the axle with the stud, thread it through the angled connector, the outermost hole of the angled beam and a bushing to cap.

As a sandwich it would go:
#5 connector
Angled beam

Repeat for second set of wings

Step 3: Attached Wings

Attach wings to angled connector
Insert technic pins on angled beam where it will connect with your creation.
(Number and location of pins will vary)

Step 4: Adding Muscle

Attach soft axle (silver hose) to the inner ends of the angled connector

Step 5: Come Together

Attach the angled beam with the straight beam inbetween.
This can be attached to plates, bricks or in this case an action figure.

Push on soft axle for action.
Push down = Wings out. Push up = Wings in

Perfect for adding some action to your action figure or some flash to your creation.

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