Introduction: Retractable Grappling Hook Launcher

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My Instructable is on a grappling hook that you can use to reel back in what you have caught. This launcher is held at the hip and hair spray is sprayed into the chamber from the back after the hook has been inserted and then all you have to do is aim and fire. The hook can be modified to shoot a larger hook with stronger line for the use of pulling your own weight. This specific build is used for the purpose of pulling stuff in towards yourself. An example of this would be firing it into water after you have put bait on the hooks to catch fish. The possibilities are endless it just takes a little imagination. If i had better tools (i.e. laser cutter) or parts i could make a more refined version that can be more compact/useful.

Step 1: Supplies

  • 2" x 2' PVC Pipe
  • 4" x 2' PVC Pipe
  • 4" to 2" PVC adapter
  • 4" PVC coupling
  • 4" coupling plug
  • bbq igniter
  • Chain/Dog lead
  • x3 1" screws
  • x1 3" screw
  • Ducktape (for style)
  • Squishy Ball
  • Fishing reel
  • Fishing line
  • Hair Spray

Different parts can be interchanged based on performance but this is what I have found to work best in the time I had. These Parts are also the most cost efficient options i could find.

Step 2: The Hook

For the hook I used a Dog lead chain. I bent the links into an L shape with a little over hang on the other end also. I also used a squishy ball i got from the dollar store for about a buck and I chose this ball because it will form to the PVC tubing so there's no measurement needed just stuff the ball in. You could go with exact measurements for say a tennis ball or something. I just found this to be the easiest way.

So I first bent three of the chain links into this L shape. Then I pushed each one of them through the squishy ball. I went with the hook end through first. The reason I left the notches or overhangs on the end is so that the hook doesn't go straight through the ball. This over hang acts as a device to hold the ball on the end of the hook.

To keep the hooks in place i ducktaped them. I'm sure there's more secure ways but the ducktape was mostly a spur of the moment decision. Otherwise, I probably would have welded them or glued them into the three prong position to keep from them wiggling around too much.

Step 3: PVC Launcher

For this step I only measured and cut one thing and that happened to be the tank that will be housed in the back of the launcher used to contain the pressure. The rest of the PVC goes into as a normal potato gun would. With the primer and glue dry I began to install the ignition system. I used the 3" screw and screwed it straight in and then used a 1" screw at an angle with little space between them for the spark to jump across. After that I taped the ends of the igniter to the heads of the screws as shown.

Step 4: Handle

For the handle i just used the left over PVC and screwed it into the coupling and adapter carefully as to not interfere with the ignition system.

Step 5: Reel

For the reel i used a cheap fishing reel and attached it to the bottom of the launcher as it would be on a fishing pole and had the line tied around the over hangs on the bottom of the ball.

Step 6: Aesthetics

Duck tape is what i used to make it look patriotic but it also is used to keep me from touching the igniter ends and holding the igniter button itself in place for easy access.

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