Introduction: Retro Beats [DIY Bluetooth Headphones]

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This instructable will guide you through my process of making custom Bluetooth headphones.

I chose a classic set of Pioneer SE-50's for this venture.

I picked them up on eBay for 20$ USD.

They were in good shape with exception to a broken headphone chord...perfect.

Parts List:

Pioneer SE-50 Headphones

Adafruit Mini Lipo w/Mini-B USB Jack - USB LiIon/LiPoly charger - v1

  • I used an old USB charging cable
3.5mm Stereo Panel Mount Jack
  • This will replace the broken micro USB connector on the old charging cable I had.

Black Plastic Housing 3.5mm Audio Jack

  • This will serve as our DC in on the charging board

KRC-86B Bluetooth Module

3V-6V TDA1308 Headphone Amplifier Board AB Amp Preamplifier Module Hot

  • Since the output of the KRC-86b is line level, this will boost the signal to headphone volume levels.

ADAFRUIT INDUSTRIES 1578 Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 500mAh

Step 1: Main Power and Audio Backbone

I picked these components as quality sound, long use duration, and safety were my primary concerns.

Step 2: Fitment

Opening the headphones up to address fitment concerns.

Step 3: Ready to Rock

The assembly of the circuit.

Step 4: Finale

Each Driver had enough room to fit the components nicely.

I had to add a headphone amp board for sufficient volumes.

I chose a tda 1308

Connection Flow:

1. Lipo Charger [mini lipo v1] + and - OUT to Bluetooth [Krc-86B] Power IN + and -

2. Bluetooth [Krc-86B] Power + and - to headphone amp board Power IN + and - [tda1308]

3. Bluetooth [Krc-86B] audio OUT to headphone amp board audio IN + and - [tda1308]

4. Headphone amp [tda1308] audio OUT + and - to headphone drivers + and - [Pioneer SE-50]

5.1/8 panel connector [not pictured] + and - to the DC IN + and - of the Lipo charger [mini lipo v1]

6. Cell [ Ada Fruit 1578] to Lipo charger [mini lipo v1] header

7. Reassembly.

Step 5: Result

They're a little dirty, however for their age not too bad.

I will be taking them to a shoemaker to see if they can replace this white material and recover the ear pads.

They sound great on classic recordings, however, they lack modern sub bass levels.

I personally enjoyed this project as both a tech and also as an audiophile.

Now if you don't mind, I have a date with The Steve Miller Band and ELO.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.