Introduction: Retro Metallic Snowflake

About: ...after 30 years of becoming corporately numb, my dreams of not working (for pay) and instead creating with my hands has become a reality. Life is grand!

A simple way to experience the beauty of your tree while catching glints of light naturally!

Step 1: Organize Materials

5 - 12" metallic pipe cleaners
lightweight needlenose pliers/wire cutters

Cut two of the pipe cleaners into thirds (apx 4" each)

Step 2: Fold All Sections in Half

Step 3: Connect the 3 Largest Sections by Twisting Them Together in the Center

Step 4: Twist Each of the Shorter Pieces Apx 1" (or the Width of Your Thumb) From Center

Step 5: Twist the Adjacent Shorter Points Together

Step 6: Trim the Untwisted Length 3" From End. Fold Each of the Cut Pieces in Half

Step 7: Twist Each of the Shorter Pieces Around the Remaining Arms. Now Go Decorate!

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