Introduction: Retro Wired Phone From Handsfree Headset

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This Instructable will tell you how to make a wired retro phone instead of your handsfree headset. The original idea comes from a different member who made a bluetooth retro phone from a bluetooth headset so heres how to make it...
Soldering Iron
Wire Clippers (or your teeth...)

Step 1: First Step

First you will need a reasonably old homephone that is wired to the socket in the wall. Take it apart (mine had lots of screws to undo) and then remove everything from inside the case apart from the buttons and the speakerphone on the top half of the phone which you need to cut loose from the main circuit. Remove the homephones microphone aswell as it wont work on a handsfree headset circuit.

Step 2: Second Step

Now take apart your handsfree headset volume control box usually situated in the middle of the wire from connection to headphones. After that cut the two headphones off (left and right) and wire clip them so you can see the inside of both wires. Dont worry about the cotton inside them you dont need it. For the next half use scissors to cut the speaker away from the homephone circuit and wire clip them so you can see the inside of that wire. Now your ready to attach it.

Step 3: Third Step

Now you are ready to solder the two handsfree headset wires to the two homephone speaker wires. Turn your soldering iron on and melt solder onto the tip. Now is the tricky part. On the handsfree set of wires you should have two different colours on each wire. On one side a brown wire (earth) and red. On the other you have another brown wire (earth) and a green wire. For best results you must solder the two brown earth wires from the handsfree to one wire on the homephone speaker and the red and blue to the other this means the audio is much better quality laid out right and will make the calling a better experience.After this complicated process you must be careful not to break the connection. Now you are ready for the next step.

Step 4: Forth Step

Now with the circuit intact place it inside the chasis of the homephone making sure the microphone is pointing out in the same direction the original mic did through a little casing with a hole in the front (this means it will work as good as the microphone from the last homephone) next make the connection wire run out of the case through the place the original homephones wire place and connect it to your phone if you want. Now you are ready for the next step.

Step 5: Fifth Step

Now for deceration put the buttons back inside the homephone case and stickytape them down. Thsi wont do much but it make the set look real and effective.

Step 6: Sixth Step

This is the step for putting all the components inside the housing. Simply put all parts inside the case of the homephone making sure not sticks out and the connection wires goes out of the phone then put the second part of the case back on (mine cipped on) and screw some screws back in to make it secure. You new retro handsfree headset is now made and ready for making calls. Check it works with your phone on a call (speaker and mic) and if not find the fault (usually a lose soldering) and fix to maintain. Thanks for making it. Please leave useful comments.

Step 7: Finished Product

Pictures of my finished product: