Introduction: Retro Zombie Family Costumes



Black and white facial make-up, fake blood, prosthetics, black eye shadow, spirit glue, spirit glue remover, old clothes (suitable for shredding and bloodying), zombie teeth inserts, and zombie weapons headgear (optional).

Step 1: Apply Zombie Make-up

Making sure your face is clean of oils and dirt, line up zombie prosthetic and gently apply spirit glue and secure it to face. Once dry, add regular skin-colored concealer over the face and to the edges of the prosthetic to blend everything together. Next, add a bit of white makeup to the face to give it a pale, newly-dead look. Then add black make-up here and there and rub it into the face to blend. This will grunge up the overall look of the face. Lastly, add black eye-shadow under the eyes and a bit of the liquid blood to the edges of the prosthetic.

Step 2: Prep Tattered Zombie Clothes

Gather retro-looking old clothes for entire family. Shred and slash shirts, cut up and distress pants/dresses. Splatter with fake blood and dirt up with black make-up. Add weapons lodged in heads and/or body. It’s a great idea to have a “story” for each costume so that anyone looking at you knows how you may have died. For example, a lumberjack zombie with a sawed off arm and an axe lodged in the head.

Step 3: Create a Zombie Cemetery

Set up lights, a fog machine, and tombstones, skulls, bones, and zombie mannequins to create a creep cemetery to haunt for the perfect zombie photo op! Happy Halloween!

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