Introduction: Retrofit a Laser Pointer to a Nitefinder

Remove the Nitefinder EX-3's "Light Beam" and replace it with a "Laser Beam". No Soldering or vast electrical knowledge required. Take out the red LED light in the Nitefinder and replace it with a cheap dollar store laser pointer. Nonexpensive and fully functional

This project has a cost of MAX 10 dollars Canadian. approx. 6 Dollars for a nitefinder stock, and 1.50 for a cheap laser pointer.

I once saw how to do this somewhere on the internet, but since have not been able to find it, so I decided to make a go at it myself


as pointed out by a fellow nerfstructabler pie_lover123, three AAA batteries will increase the potency and life of the laser as opposed to the current 2 AA. if you have any ideas or suggestions as how I can modify the battery holder to keep three AAA, do inform me and I will update this mod

Step 1: Supplies

Ahead of Time: I am sorry if my word descriptions are confusing or problematic, I tried to supply as many pictures as I could to help illustrate my point. Any questions or problems you can just leave a comment and I will try to get back to you ASAP

For This Instructuble you will need:

Screwdrivers (I picked up a "6pc Precision Screwdriver Set" at London Drugs for about 2 dollars)
Needle Nose Pliers
Tape (Optional)
Hacksaw (I used the saw on my pocket knife, but if you want a cleaner cut...)

Nerf N-Strike Nitefinder EX-3 (Hasbro website price: 5.99, I picked up a package of two for 10-12 dollars)
Dollars Store Laser Pointer (1.50 or less easily)

The Nitefinder also uses 2 AA Batteries(Not included). good to have these around for testing.

Step 2: Taking Apart the Nitefinder EX-3

The Nitefinder has 15 Screws, one on the bottom for the battery case, and 14 on the side. first undo the battery case one at the bottom of handle and set the case aside. then begin to unscrew the 14 other screws in an alternating fashion from one side to the other. this isn't completely necessary, but when putting it back together you should screw them back in in this fashion.

once all screws are unscrewed and kept in a plastic bag or on a magnet, however you'd like to, slowly pull the top off. watch out for a small spring attached to a yellow piece, this is the tactical rail button. set it with the springs and then admire the internals for the Nitefinder.

begin to unscrew the two screws for the black tube that houses the light. Once that is set free, cut the wires CLOSEST to the chip as you can. the red wire needs to be as long as it can be, and the black wire wouldn't hurt to be that long either.

In the pictures I broke the chip off of the end of the black tube, but since we're cutting off that end anyways, its not necessary. I also broke the black piece off of the housing for the lens, also unnecessary.

Step 3: The LED Casing

You'll want to unscrew the three screws connecting the two parts of the lens housing and just take the clear plastic lens and the two orange aligners and throw them away. screw that back together.

Take your hacksaw and right after before the first screw slot on the farthest part from the lens casing begin to cut the plastic piece. after this is done, set it aside and pull out your cheap laser pointer...

Step 4: Taking Apart the Laser Pointer

Take off the head and tail of the laser pointer, and remove any batteries.

Then stick a screwdriver into the side of the laser pointer at the Head end and create a grasping point for the needlenose pliers. After you have a point, begin to unwrap the thin metal casing from the actual device, which should only take about an inch and half of stripping at most. you can discard the casing afterwards.

You will then want to cut off the spring right at the edge of the chip. this will make it so that the laser device will fit into the actual gun attached to the light casing.

Step 5: Integration

Take the black and red wires and strip them about 1cm to 2 cm, and wrap the black wire around one of the two left hooks on the bottom and then clamp the hook so it keeps the black wire there.

then take a piece of electrical tape and cut it in half, and take the red wire and make a hook in it. wrap one side of the hook with the electrical tape to the round metal part of the laser device, then go over that again with cut electrical tape.

I then covered it in electrical tape just for appearances. I also wrapped the black wire around the button as a double insurance.

If you want, you can solder the wires on to ensure more sturdy connections. the black wire must be connected to either of the two left hooks at the bottom, and the red wire anywhere on the laser device round metal part

I also had some problems with power, don't know if this will happen to others, but I just cut out the white transformer(?) thing by the batteries and twisted the two bare wires together.

Before screwing the black casing piece back onto the Nitefinder, try and fidget with the laser device inside of the black light case to make it as perfectly aligned as you can. you want it to point straight, because even if the laser device is slightly off, it'll show up as farther off with greater distances

Step 6: Putting It Back Together

Take the small springy yellow piece that popped out when you opened up the Nitefinder and carefully put it where it's supposed to be on the side that has the springs. you may need to keep your finger on it while you put the top back onto the bottom. make sure no wires are popping out of the case, and then screw everything back together in an alternating side fashion, this helps to keep the gun from being pinched on one side.

Put in some batteries, and screw on the last piece, the bottom of the handle. Congratulations on your new Laser Targeting System Nitefinder Ex-3!