Introduction: Annoying Marker Trick

This is a very simple trick/prank you could easily pull if you get some time away from the markers' owner or are very sneaky! 
A plus about this project is that it'll cost you nothing at all- all you need is someone else's markers, and your hands.

*This will only work with markers that have colour coded caps but no colour indication anywhere else!
(Unlike the picture(s) because I don't actually have any markers like this. Suggested marker: Sharpie)

*I'm going to make this instructable fairly short and simple as it is a simple trick... and I've got homework*

Step 1: Choose Your Victim

The first step is to find someone with at least 5-6 markers with colour coded caps but the colour is not indicated anywhere else on the marker. It helps if they trust you to handle their markers and/or are not super cautious about them.

Step 2: Get Some Time...

Once you've chosen your victim, find a way to get their markers out of view. Don't let them see what you are doing! You can simply ask to use them instead of smuggling them and making off with them.

Step 3: Switch the Caps!

Once you're out of view, switch the caps of the markers to a different marker to mix up all the colours, but make it quick before they catch you!

Step 4: Return the Markers

Now just return the markers... they shouldn't suspect anything... until they want to use them!

*Its better if the markers have the same colour inside once you open the cap because once the owner tries to put them back on properly, they might just be mad if they have to test each marker's colour instead of simply matching the inside colour to the cap.
(In the picture, notice how the correct colour is also located under the cap's place but not at the ends. Also, the markers don't have to be Sharpie markers, just markers that fit the descriptions talked about throughout the project.)

Enjoy pulling off this trick!

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