Introduction: Reupholster a Sofa With No Sewing or Electricity

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you don't need to know how to sew - or even have electricity - to reupholster a curbside sofa find. in this video i show how i reupholstered a couch with fabric from the discount and remnants racks - and with only simple, hand-powered tools.

to reupholster a sofa in this way you will need:

a staple gun and staples (7/16" and smaller will work for most).


a knife

a measuring tape


a small hammer


screwdriver and/or painters 5 in one tool (for pulling staples)

fabric, filling, and upholstery tacks



basically all you need to do is cut, tuck, stretch pull and staple the fabric over the existing stuffing and cushions with the goal being to hide all the staples and smooth out all the wrinkles. you need to think through the order and check for symmetry.

i did not photograph the process as i went, rather i made this video. i know it's not a typical instructable format, but i believe watching this video will give you the basic idea of how to do it - and give you the courage to try it yourself.

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