Introduction: Reusable Bleaching Stencil

It's been a while instructables, I've been rather preoccupied with my new job and home but I think its time to make some new content!

After reading and copying ideas from I wanted to make a stencil that can be used multiple times for some small one colour designs.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


Old pair of scissors / tinsnips


Utility knife


Work gloves (optional but recommended when working with sharp tools or materials)

Sandpaper (optional)

Cutting board



Empty can (steel cans work with magnets, aluminium cans dont)

Printer paper



Step 2: Cut the Can

The first step is quite straighforward, just be carefull because steel this thin can be razor sharp!

Use your scissors to cut the top and bottom off, next cut the center into two rectangular pieces.

Step 3: Transfer the Design

Print out your design (I stole my design from the internet, credits go to the original artist) and cut it out with some room to spare.

Use some sandpaper to rough up one of the rectangles so the glue has a better surface to adhere to, add some glue to the back of your design and bring the two together. Let the glue dry before going to the next step.

Step 4: Cut Out the Design

To cut out the design I found that punching the metal bit by bit with the utility knife worked best, next I cut along the puntured edge. This does create a bit of a raised edge but a quick pass with a small hammer straightens the metal quite easily.

Step 5: Start Bleaching!

And its done! Detailed instructions on how to make and apply the bleach solution can be found here:

The steps to use your new stencil are:

1 & 2) lay your cloth over the first rectangle

3) place the stencil on top

4 & 5) add the magnets to secure the to pieces of metal

6) spray your bleach solution

7) wash out the bleach and let dry to finish