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I just discovered a few weeks ago and I love them! I, however, did not want to start carrying various numbers of booklets and have them all over the place. So I came up with a way to keep 4 booklets all in the same place with a durable (reusable) PocketMod Cover.

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Step 1: Materials

- 4 PocketMod Booklets (your choice)
- Material for cover (I used an old planner cover)
- 1 Roll of kite string (cheap 50 cent type you get with the kiddie kites)
- Pair of scissors
- tape, any kind will do
- pencil
- ruler

Step 2: Assemble PocketMods

Fold/assemble the four PocketMod pages you printed according to the folding instructions at .

After you have finished, set them all aside.

NOTE : Refer to the PocketMod website if you are not already familiar with PocketMod booklets.

Step 3: Measure and Cut

A pocket mod when folded measures about 4 1/4  inches X 2 3/4 inces.....So...

On the material you have chosen for your cover......
Measure out a rectangle that is 6 1/8 inches X 4 5/8 inches with your pencil and ruler.

Then cut.

Step 4: Fold and Check Fit

Fold your cover in half to make a spiffy looking cover.

This should measure 4 5/8 X 3 1/16 inches when folded. You can cradle one booklet in there to make sure it fits.

Step 5: Cut Slits


Using the scissors, cut a 1/8-3/16 inch slit at the top and bottom of the cover at the crease.

Step 6: Prep String


Take your kite string and unravel the string from its apparatus. DO NOT CUT THE STRING,   let there be a free end and an end that is still attached to the apparatus.


Tie a knot at the free end of the kite string. I usually tie a double knot, one knot doesn’t seem enough for me.

Step 7: Anchor and Wrap


Slip the free end of the string (with the knot) in the slit you cut at the top of your cover.

Make sure the knot catches on the inside.

Wrap .

Run the string along the spine of the cover and wrap it into the slit you cut at the opposite end.

NOTE : You can move onto the next step, but I usually go ahead and wrap the string around one more time, then let it rest at the bottom slit.

Step 8: Add a Booklet


Get the first of the four PocketMod booklets you set aside earlier and open it to the center with two flaps to the left and right. Rest this in the cover you just made.

Wrap the string up the center of that booklet and have the string slip into the slits at the top and bottom again. This should be a near perfect fit. Wrap the string around until it rests at the bottom slit again.

Note: I suppose you could be alright with one wrap of the string to hold the booklet in, but I like wrapping the booklet twice for stability.

Step 9: Next Booklet...Wrap...Repeat

For the next booklet,

Turn all pages of the previously wrapped booklet to the left, with the string dangling at the bottom slit.

Cradle the second booklet between the back page of your first booklet and the back cover. Make sure the second booklet is open at the center and wrap the string up the center like you wrapped the first booklet.

Repeat for the remaining booklets.

NOTE : You are progessively adding booklets to the back, not adding booklets on top of one another.

Unravel the kite string as needed.

Step 10: Last Wrap Around Then Secure String

When you have added all your booklets, I would recommend wrapping the string around again 2-4 times (after the last page) just in case you want to add a few more pages later. I would not recommend adding more than two booklets or I think it would get too bulky. This will depend on the weight of the paper you use for your booklets. Lighter weight will get you about 4-5 booklets, heavier will get you 3-4 booklets to fit.

Lastly, To secure the string , simply tape it to the back cover with some tape so it won’t unravel.

Cut the string .

The booklets won’t come free if the string was wrapped tightly enough.

Step 11: Voila! 32-pages Wrapped in a Cover

You're done. Easy right.

There can be some variation with cover material type. You could also cover the spine with tape if you're afraid something might snag the bundle of string.

The inside covers are blank, so you could also tape a calendar...or even make a pocket to keep a few cards there.

What I like about this cover is that it is easy to unwrap when you are done with your 32 pages, then just as quickly wrap it up with fresh booklets.

I created an Instructable using this technique to make a book here .


Let me know if you have questions or need clarification for this Instructable.

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