How to Make a Reusable January Snow Calendar



Introduction: How to Make a Reusable January Snow Calendar

This is a Calendar made from scratch that can be re-used every year. Here is how you make it.

Step 1: Using Microsoft Word

For this step you will need to have Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word Starter. I used Microsoft Word Starter. First you need to open up the program and get to a blank sheet. Go to Insert. Click Table to add a table. Choose a 7 by 5 Table. When you pull up the table it will be too skinny for a Calendar so stretch it out. In each top right hand corner of a box add a number up to 31 because there are 31 days in January. Make shore you start the "1" where it is supposed to be.

Step 2: Printing Out the Calendars

Supplies Needed
1. Printing Paper
2. Sticker Paper
3. A Printer

You will need to print out two copies of the Calendar. One will be printed on a piece of printer paper and one will be printed on the sticker paper.

Step 3: Cutting the Calendars Out

Supplies you need-
1. Scissors
2. A Hard Plastic Sleeve

You will now need to cut out the Calendars. After you cut them out you will place them on and in the plastic sleeve. The Hard plastic sleeve usually hold expensive pieces of paper like a signature or important document. You will stick the stick the sticker calendar on the outside of the plastic sleeve. You need to place it at the bottom of the sleeve. With the paper calendar you will place it inside the sleeve so it matches with the sticker calendar, but shows on the other side of the sleeve.

Step 4: Making It Look Nice

Here is the fun part. You need to be creative with how your calendar looks on the side with the sticky paper on the front of the sleeve. I used colored paper and colored pencils to make mine look the way it looks. I also found these cool snow flakes that I added to the Front.

Step 5: The Final Product

I think it turned out nice. I used the back as a dry erase board to circle and mark things I need to do and that are important on certain dates. For the front of the Calendar I added Holidays and celebrations we have like New Years Day and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day. The good thing about this is that it can be reused every year by changing the Year on it and changing the sticker and Paper inside the sleeve. You can also make one for each month of the year. Hope you like it!

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