Introduction: Reuse 100% of Plastic Milk Bottle

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In this instructable, the ubiquitous 2 quart milk container is reused to the extent of nearly 100%. After reusing the bottle, it can be recycled by placing in the recycle bin. But why not take advantage of all of it's possibilities, and help in saving the environment not to mention the savings of the money not spent on obtaining the items you can make.

Step 1: Gather Tools Needed and Cut Bottle

The necessary tools and materials needed to complete this project are gathered for use. The first part made is a pocket organizer, or nerd pack. Useful to keep your pen, marker, pencil in your shirt pocket especially at work. Basic tools are needed and seen in the pictures. Cut bottle into pieces as shown.

Step 2: Remove Label From Plastic

Tear off label, then clean remaining adhesive with wd-40.

Step 3: Form Plastic for Pen/pencil Holders

To form the plastic in a circular holder, the plastic is heated over the burner flame. By experimentation, the right amount of time and heat can be found to be able to put a permanent set into the plastic. I heated for a few seconds then used one of the dowels as a form and pressed the plastic piece over it with the wood pieces shown. Didn't burn myself either! BE CAREFUL!

Step 4: Drill Holes in Plastic for "sewing" Together.

Using the needle nose pliers, and the nail shown, the nail is heated quite hot in the burner flame and then pushed through two layers of plastic together. This way the holes are in alignment, and can be threaded with the needel.

Step 5: First Project Completed.

Using the thread and needle, join the two pre-drilled pieces together. I made one other separate piece, but the pack can all be molded in one piece for the top if desired.

Step 6: Make Use of the Remaining Pieces

To use all of the bottle, I have made a funnel, a scoop, a small parts container (which can also be used for paint, water for pets, ingredient holder when cooking, etc. and a glue mixing container. The remaining piece is cut into strips to be used as labels for seed starting, or in the garden itself.

Step 7: Use Remaining Pieces

For this step, to reuse all of the small pieces, I needed some electrical wire routers or holders, so formed small pieces by the heat method, drilled holes in each end and now have a few of those routers for my other project.

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