Reuse Philips Wake Up Light HF3550 + Ipod Touch 4th

Introduction: Reuse Philips Wake Up Light HF3550 + Ipod Touch 4th

EDIT 2019/10/28 I have uploaded a new cracked IPA file (thank you irastignac) and updated the anonymous file link. It should prevent the moment you are asked to enter my apple ID.

EDIT 2019/10/22 it seems the philips IPA file is signed with my apple account, so you cannot launch the app without logging with my id+password. I am really sorry. I will try to find a solution someday

Hello, you may be here for 2 reasons :

  • you are owning these products and cannot use them anymore because Philips and Apple are some digital jailers
  • you would like to wake up with a dawn sun light but you are not ready to spend $€£ 200 for a brand new philips lamp finishing in the previous case soon. I guess you can score both devices for $€£ 40 now (in 2019)
  • (3rd) maybe you are just here to see how to fight against a textbook case of planned obsolescence

This guide will help you to install phillips wake up light app (which is not anymore on official store) and set up an alarm clock triggering a radio flux (which was not possible with the philips app). These operations may involve some jailbreak.

I guess it works with iOS7 iphone4, I let you try.

Step 1: Jailbreak Your Ipod 4th

By the way, I do not recommend to jailbreak your device. So I suggest you to contact Philips and Apple to resolve this problem. You can now go lawnmowing your garden and check your emails sometime.

You may find several tutorials here for that. Personnally, I have used p0sixspwn 1.0.8 and as a windows user, I had to install itunes It worked well.

Now it is done, you have a brand new store named cydia.

Launch cydia. 1st lauch can be long and end up with a reboot. Choose hacker. Accept some updates.

Step 2: Install WakeUpLight

WakeUpLight is the philips app communicating with the lamp but unfortunetely philips/ apple removed it from the official store. If you have used the lamp in the past, you may have still the app in your itunes basket. If not, you will download it another way. There may actually be easier way but this one works :

  • install safari download enabler from cydia
  • install IPA installer from cydia
  • then follow/enter this link in safari
  • your screen displays downloading
  • once it is done (let say 1 minute) your screen displays OK
  • open IPA installer
  • go to /var/tmp/SDECache
  • click on file name WakeUpLight

Few moment later, installation is done.

Step 3: Install Tune In

This extra step will allow you to wake up with radio instead of the philips nature sound (20sec) loop. If you used to have this lamp, you know what I am talking about.

I suggest to install Tune In for the following reasons: lot of radio stations referenced, clock alarm embedded, nice car mode with big buttons.

Obviously, you need a previous version compatible with iOS6, so you need another cydia tweak : adowngrader.

Adowngrader is not in default repositories, you have to add the H6nry's repo to your sources (thank you h6nry).

source > modify at top right > add at top lef > enter > add source

then look for adowngrader tweak > modify > install

For some reason, you will need to install PreferenceLoader from cydia to make adowngrader coming up in the settings screen. Then enable donwgrader in settings.

Finally launch the official app store, look for Tune In and get it. You will have to enter the external version identifier 84933890 corresponding to version 5.0 released in Nov 07, 2013 ;)

One last important detail, the alarm clock in Tune In is not triggering if the screen is locked so set it to never. Considering this, you will have an unpleasant black bright screen during your nights. Solution is to install screendimmer from cydia, this teak turns off the screen after fews seconds of inaction (this is not a free app but you can find it for free on some repo).

Step 4: Install Airspeaker

Another extra step. What if you could send some music (from another device) to your lamp speaker through airplay network. This is what allow Airspeaker from Karen repo (thank you karen).

Add the repo and look for Airspeaker tweak.

This actually does not work well with ipod 4th, iphone 4 users may more enjoy.

Step 5: Next...

We are finally arriving at the end of this tutorial. Now I can explain you why I have posted it ;)

I am expecting more from this hardware tweak but I cannot do it myself. If there are some reverse engineers around, I would like, for example, to trigger radio flux by tapping the bulb of the lamp. This sensor is already used to reschelude the wake up light alarm so I guess it could work.

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    2 years ago

    Hi Pierre,
    thank you for your guide!
    i just ran through it and was able to install the app in my ipod touch 4.
    i stopped before step 3 (did not get the tune in and the rest).

    i now face the same issue described by the previous comment.
    I get a popup requesting an apple id and password.
    and it always closes the app.

    i even changed the app store to france in case there was a check to your version (which i suppose was from the french store)

    any ideas to share?

    thank you very much


    Reply 2 years ago

    try with the new IPA file ;)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi Pierre,

    many many thanks!

    inititally IPA installer returned an error.
    it said something like "The IPA could not be installed . Make sure AppSync or similar is installed"

    then i followed this steps to install AppSync:
    the wakeuplight app was installed and the login screen is gone.

    it worked like a charm!!

    i will try that with the device and feedback in case of anything.

    merci beaucoup!!!!


    Question 2 years ago on Step 5


    first thanks for this awesome instruction. I am trying to make this work for a long time.

    Now I have reached a new milestone. Wake Up Light App ist installed!

    When I open the Wake Up Light App, there is a Pop-Up. You can see it in the pictures.
    They want me to enter an Apple Id and Password.

    I tipped it in for 20 Times. Restartet. Tipped it in again 10 Times but it is not working.

    Do you know this Problem?
    Is it normal that i have to enter Apple ID on this Point.

    Thanks vor any help! I want this working.



    Answer 2 years ago

    try with the new IPA file ;)