Introduction: Reuse Stratasys Mojo Trays

I wrote this up to help users reuse Stratasys trays multiple times.

Step 1: DuPont Teflon Non-Stick

I ordered some Dupont Teflon Non-Stick (I ordered the 4oz. liquid) from Amazon.

Step 2: Application

Make sure to shake the bottle well for at least 15 seconds. There are particles inside the liquid which settle over time. If not shaken well the lubricant does not work.

Take a paper towel and move the liquid around to cover the plate. The whole plate should appear wet with no puddles.

Step 3: Cure Time.

Let liquid dry to a haze. Your plate should appear to have a white/gray haze too it. Dry time varies. Usually around 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 4: The Final Test

Once plate is dry use as you normally would with your 3D printer. When part is done it should peel off of the tray. If it does not try to shake the Teflon once again and reapply.

Step 5: Multi Use

I have used the same tray multiple times. After extended use there are grooves that form. Also a straight razor maybe needed to remove some stubborn plastic which remains on the tray. The tab may become loose after many uses.