Introduction: Reuse a Ds Game Case

I got a lot stuff in my room so I decide to make something usefull out of this Ds game case. Hope you find it usefull.
Tengo montones de cosas en mi cuarto asi que decidi crear algo util con un estuche de juego de Ds. Espero que lo encuentren util.

Step 1:

You will need:

-Xacto knife
-Glue (shoe glue or gorilla glue)
-White paper sheets (or any color you want)

and free time to do it! So lets begin!

Step 2:

Take off the cover and turn it inside out. so you can write or whatever on it. 

Step 3:

Now we can start cutting the parts we dont need so we can fit better the notepad we're gonna put inside.

You can use the little casey part (where the game goes) you can save it to store your games later Idk reuse!

Step 4:

Now we cut a square of paper or cardboard to make it look less ugly, and we paste them on place so no holes can be seen.

Step 5:

Now we bookbind some white sheets with this measures 11 cm x 11 cm so they can fit properly on the case. 

Dont use merletto to bookbind, it sucks. use some other glue, remember it have to be elastic when dry, if it get too solid when dry the sheets may fall off.

Step 6:

Now we glue the square of paper sheets to the right side of the case, so we can write more comfortably and stuff. the little space next to sheets can fit properly a little pen!

And were done! we just gave a new use for an old ds game case. 

Hope you like it, sorry for the bad english :3.

Till next time. Happy crafting!