Introduction: Reuse Old Laptop Webcam

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I had an old, not working laptop, and I wanted to reuse as much parts as possible. So I came to the idea to try to use the webcam.

This instructable is only possible with a webcam connected via a usb connection. The laptop I had was an Acer Aspire 7520G with an Acer Crystal Eye webcam.

NOTE: I do not take responsibility for anything you do / happens to you or your hardware!

Step 1: Get the Webcam

Open the laptop screen like here: (step 1-5).

!!! Watch out for hidden screws !!!

After that, unscrew the webcam. The wires of the webcam probably join the LVDS cable from the LCD. You have to take them apart.

Step 2: Identify the Wires

Identify the wires. With my webcam, it was:

  • +5v: black
  • Data+: red
  • Data-: brown
  • Ground: Unshielded (metal color)

Your laptop probably has different wire colors. You can google your webcams serial number, or that of the motherboard of your laptop.

I connected the webcam to a portable phone charger first to see if anything exploded/fried :), and wanted to check with a voltmeter wich cable was D+ and D-, but there was no signal coming from the webcam, so i guessed the red wire was D+, and so brown D- (red and brown wire were twisted). I do not guarantee it is the same with your webcam, and take no responsibility for anything you do / happens to you or your hardware!

It is also possible that your webcam is not connected via a usb connection. If so, you can't use your webcam for this instructable.

I get many comments of people asking how they should connect their webcam. I don't know how either

Step 3: Connect Your Webcam

Get a USB A cable (Like in the image) and cut it in the right length. Remove the plastic isolation, the unshielded wires, and the aluminium wrapper at the end you just cut. Remove a small piece of the red, black, green and white isolation, so you have bare wire. Connect the right wires from the usb cable with the webcam cables. In my case it was:

  • Red - black
  • Green - red
  • White - brown
  • Black - unshielded wire
  • (USB) - (Webcam)

!!! DON'T let the different wires touch each other !!!

Step 4: Test Your Webcam

Connect the usb cable to your pc/laptop, and test if it is working ;)

-- PS: sorry for my english, I'm dutch.