Introduction: Reuse Water Bottles As Multipurpose Holders.

Hello world!

Today i am presenting you my own reuse technology to make multipurpose holder from pet bottles.

For this project we are going to use

#1. Pet bottles i.e water bottle, soda bottle or plastic bottles.

#2. Small screw driver

#3. Some screws depends on how much multipurpose holders you are going to make!

#4. Pair of scissors

#5. Highlighter pen

#6. Drill machine

And will to make this project for you, your home, as your kids school project!! :-)

Step 1: Remove Stickers

Remove any stickers from bottle if you think they are not looking good. If they are good looking you may keep them as it is.

And mark circle using highlighter pen. As this guideline will be helpful for us while cutting pet bottle.

Now with the help of screwdriver make one small hole on bottle exactly upon marked ring. This hole is helpful as a starting cut.

Now with the help of scissors cut bottle along with marked circle. And there you will get two parts of our bottle.

Step 2: Make a Holding Hole and Fit Screw

Now with the help of screwdriver make one hole at the top of the bottle for hanging it to wall using screw. Keep 2-3cm distance from top and make hole.

You may make hole by soldering gun or by heating screwdriver on gas, stove.

Now insert screw inside this hole.

Step 3: Make a Hole Using Drill on Wall.

Now we need one hole on our wall.

Use hammer mode of your drill if you are drilling on cement wall.

After making small hole. Insert wooden plugs or simply use matchsticks as wooden plugs inside hole.

Fit this assembly on wall using screwdriver. You may use washer inside bottle to avoid damage to the bottle while screwing and that will give more tightness to entire holder.

Step 4: And There You Saved Our Nature!

Here is our final outcome. We just saved natural resources for creating paid multipurpose in factories.

Put your daily useful item inside our multipurpose. As we have crystal clear pet bottle we can easily find our thing from this multipurpose holder.

I have placed all my DYI tools in this Multipurpose holder :)

Step 5: Bonus!

And we have got bonus. Just use upper top of our pet bottle as a funnel.

Or Hang it to public drinking water taps.

Or use it as a wine, cola, soda, water glass. :-)

You saved more resources by using this bonus recycled item!!

Not happy with this project? Go ahead and add some soil in our multipurpose holder and plant small flower tree or any green plant. :-) You saved more than anything else.

My mantra "Reuse - Save Nature, Save World"

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