Introduction: Air Conditioner Condensate to Water Plants.

It's very dry here in my island and I have a patch of the revered 'Shadowbeni' seasoning plant growing wild in my garden. I absolutely love this seasoning but I don't want it to die out from the lack of rainfall.

Here is how I used my solar powered air conditioner to help water these tasty plants.

Step 1: The Air Conditioner.

This is the condenser unit of my solar powered AC. The second pic is the condensate drain line that all air conditioners have. Why waste this gray water when the plants can use it?

Step 2: Piping the Condensate!

Using spare lengths of 1 inch garden hose, I slipped the condensate drain line into the garden hose and cable tied the hose onto the condenser L bracket.

Next I staked a length of steel into the ground and secured the other end of the garden hose to it.

Step 3: Completion!

Since I use this particular air conditioning unit daily, my lovely seasoning plants will be watered! Here I just picked some of those delicious leaves!

I'm happy to use the sun to power my home and a great byproduct is the condensate water produced by my solar powered air conditioner! Waste not, want not!

I hope this instructable has been helpful!