Revamp Your Old Sweater- Low Cost!




Introduction: Revamp Your Old Sweater- Low Cost!

This instructable is very easy to do and very low cost!

- An old sweater
- Buttons (optional)
-  2 feet of ribbon or lace
- Needle and thread (or if you're fancy, sewing machine)

Step 1: Cutting and Sewing

For this step cut a 7 inch slit starting from the neckline down the sleeve in the middle of the shoulder.

Then fold the raw edges in and sew. (I have no skills in sewing. lol)

Step 2: Some More Sewing

Fold the lace in half and cut in the middle to make two 1 ft pieces. 

Pin the end of the lace onto the edge of the neckline where you made your slit

Sew the lace onto the edge

Fold over and place the button on top of the sweater and sew

Repeat with the other side, tie it together and cut the extra length off the bow and you're finished!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a terrific idea! Thanks so much for sharing your work and do have a splendorous day!