Introduction: Reverse Flow Bbq Smoker Grill

About: American family man, mechanic /welder

95% built out of upcycled scrap material!

Step 1: Scrap Hunting

Material choice is key to your project turning out right. I chose an old pressure washer coil skin. I decided to use this for its size and because it is smooth and seamless.

Step 2: Cook Chamber Plumbing

I started off by quickly building a frame of 1" angle iron and welded the cylinder into the frame where it fit the best. Once the cylinder was secure I marked out a lid. Making my first cut on the top where it will hinge. Immediately after the cut is made before the steel can change shape or move. a piano hinge from an old tool box gets welded over the cut on both sides. That way when the marked out lid is cut free it is exactly where it needs to be to shut correctly. once you have a functional lid u can begin to weld the flow pipe in the bottom.
I welded a piece of expanded metal to the pipe and to the bottom of the grill to rest the coals on.. Do Not do this! leave that piece loose so u can remove it to clean out the ash. haha.. hind sight is 20-20. I chose the same expanded metal to fashion the grill space .. supporting the mesh.. I welded 3/8 round stock to the mesh into a frame so it will hold all the weight.
Using the same 5" pipe from the flow pipe in the bottom, to make the exhaust stack which doubles as a lid prop! very handy.
Once you weld a handle of your choice to the lid, it is time to fire it. For 2 reasons one to see of it drafts correctly and also to clean the steel. I would keep a good hot fire burning in it for 3-4 hours.

Step 3: Smoker Box

After it cools down from the initial fire, it is time to graft the fire box on the bottom. I chose a 14" piece of 10" diameter pipe. Once it is welded on the cue, and ported to the flow pipe in the cook chamber. You can add your door.. I added an adjustable damper and a latch all made out of small scrap. as for the hinges are just basic 3/8 pipe stagger welded to the door and the smoke box. then run a 5/16 bolt through the pieces of pipe causing the door to pivot.

Step 4: Finish,Fire,and Enjoy

Once it is fired again this time in the smoker box to make sure it correctly flows smoke. It is time finish the project however you see fit. I chose high heat copper and black paint, For the side wood panel counters I cleaned, sanded, and planed some old pallet wood.. they turned out very nice after some clear Thompson watersealer. Once it all cured we enjoy this edition to our family almost every day of the week, which grilles and smokes perfectly!