Introduction: Reverse Decoupage Glass Plate

This is a decorative plate that can be customized for any holiday or event. It uses a reverse decoupage technique on the back of the plate, which allows you to use the front of the plate for food.

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

clear glass plate (any shape)
I got this plate at World Market, but I have also seen them at craft stores. Choose a plate with flat, clear glass, no etching or cut-glass designs.

decorative paper for central panel: wrapping paper, magazine picture, calendar picture, greeting card, etc.
Do not use a picture printed on your inkjet printer because the ink will run with the water-based glue.
Glossy Photographs don't work well because they resist the glue and there will be air bubbles between the photo and the glass.
Greeting cards with textures or glitter do not work well. You want to have flat paper to get a good bubble-free  seal between paper and glass. I find calendar pictures have a perfect weight, thick enough that the printing on the opposite side does not show through, but thin enough to be flexible and get a good  adhesion to the glass. Wrapping paper works great too (especially for holidays and special occasions) and you have an infinite variety of designs.
For this example, I used a paper money envelope from Chinese New Year.

metallic paper doilies
mod podge
acrylic craft paint that coordinates with your featured paper.
paint brush

Step 2: Gluing the Paper

Remove the price tag from the plate and wash the plate in hot soapy water. You want to remove any dust and oils  so the glue will stick the best.  Dry thoroughly and avoid getting any lint on the plate.

Cut the paper for the central panel of the plate. This should be the size of the  flat central area of the plate from the back, not including the ridge.
Using mod podge, glue your central motif paper to the BACK of the plate, with the picture facing the glass.
Squeeze out any wrinkles and air bubbles and let the glue dry completely. you may need to squeeze out wrinkles as the  glue dries.

Step 3: Gluing the Border

Next, cut the  metallic paper doily to fit the border of the plate. You  may need to cut up more than one doily and piece the medallions together.
Using mod podge, Glue the doily pieces to the back of the plate, with the  metallic side facing the glass.
Squeeze out air bubbles and let the glue dry completely.
You will know when it's completely dry when the glue is clear when viewed from the FRONT of the plate.
Mod Podge is milky white when wet, but will dry clear.

Apply another coat of mod podge over the entire back of the plate (central section too) to seal the paper. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 4: Painting the Back

Next, paint the entire back of the plate with your acrylic craft paint. You may need several coats to  make the paint opaque. You don't want to see through the spaces in the doilies.
Let the paint dry between each coat.

Last step:  Apply one last coat of glossy mod podge to the back, to protect the paint and provide more durability.
Optional- use marine varnish or polyurethane to make it more water-resistant.

Step 5: Care of the Plate

Now your plate is finished! You can display it on a wall or shelf. It makes a great holiday gift, or for birthday, wedding, new baby, etc.

Plate can be used to serve food- the front is all glass so that side is very durable, it can be used with metal  utensils, etc.
I like to use them for  serving dry snacks like cookies, cheese & crackers.
The back is a little more delicate.
Do not wash in a dishwasher and do not immerse plate in water. Do not scrub the back of plate with  scrubby sponge or abrasives.
Try to wash the front side of plate only, since that is where the food touches anyway. The back can have a little  brief water exposure, like a quick  rinse, but be sure to dry it immediately with a soft towel.

Step 6: Gallery of Plates

Here are some of the different  plates I have made using this technique. You can see the different shapes of glass plates that are available.

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