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Introduction: Reversible Fleece Face Mask

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In Covid times, it is necessary for us to wear face masks at all times while in public. This face mask is made of fleece for the winter season and is reversible giving you a two for one. Some people like to match face masks with their apparel. I made this facemask with a solid on one side and a printed pattern on the other side. It works for both males and females depending on your choice of fabrics and elastic length.


Fleece: ¼ yard of a solid fleece and ¼ yard of a printed pattern fleece OR If you have scrap fleece, then cut a total of 4 pieces 8” square – 2 squares of the solid and 2 squares of the printed pattern.

Elastic: 2 - 6.5” pieces for women OR 2 – 8” pieces for men.

Thread: select color that matches your fleece

Tape Measure



Sewing Machine

Ironing Board and Iron

Printer Paper: 1 sheet to make the pattern.

Pencil or Pen

Step 1: Make Your Pattern

  1. On the straight edge of the printer paper, measure and mark 3.5” centered on the page.
  2. From the center point of the 3.5” straight edge, measure straight out 5.25” and made a mark. Also, make a mark at the 4.25” spot.
  3. From the 4.25” mark, you will draw a line from top to bottom that is 6.25” long centering it at 3 1/8” as shown in the picture.
  4. Looking at the picture, sketch out the curves from point to point as shown.
  5. Cut out the pattern and then fold it in half bring the top down to the bottom.
  6. Trim up the pattern so that it will be perfectly symmetrical.

Step 2: Cutting Your Fabric

  1. With right sides together of the solid fabric, pin your pattern so the 3.5” line is placed on the grain of the fabric.
  2. Cut fabric 3/8” around the pattern to allow for the seam.
  3. Repeat this for the printed fabric.
  4. When finished cutting, you will have 2 solid pieces and 2 printed pieces of fleece.

Step 3: Sewing Curve on Each Piece

  1. With right sides together, pin the large curve of both pieces (solid and printed) together and sew a 3/8” seam from top to bottom.
  2. Clip the curve close to the seam to allow for flexibility.
  3. With the iron press seam open on both pieces.

Step 4: Sewing Solid to Printed Piece

  1. Pin both pieces together with right sides together matching up at the seams.
  2. Sew the top piece, then sew the bottom part of the mask leaving the small sides open.
  3. Turn face mask right side out and shape the mask by smoothing out fabric seams.
  4. Press seams with an iron to keep its shape.

Step 5: Sewing in the Elastic

  1. On each open end, turn under ½” and press again with the iron.
  2. Cut elastic (6.5" for women, 8" for men) and pin to both side ends with a ½” of elastic inserted inward. Do this for both sides keeping the elastic untwisted and the same for each side.
  3. Sew across both ends and backstitch from start to finish for strength.
  4. Press seams. Your face mask is done!

Step 6: Finished Project

Face mask is reversible, warm, and comfy.

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    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Thank you. It’s very warm and comfy. :)


    4 weeks ago

    Just asking for a friend. lol Do you wear and reverse it and wear it again before you wash it???


    Reply 4 weeks ago

    It would be your decision when to wash it but the fact it is reversible gives you the option to do just that and wear it twice. For those who care if their mask matches what they are wearing, then the reversible mask makes it a two-for-one option also. Thanks for looking.