Reversible Japanese Knot Bag From Jeans




Introduction: Reversible Japanese Knot Bag From Jeans

Do you have a few pairs of old jeans? Do not dare throw them away! After all, you have experienced so much together! Let's make something interesting and practical out of them! Why not use your old pairs of jeans to make a Japanese knot bag? Believe me, using different colored pieces of fabric will make your bag even more interesting and make you stand out from the crowd. And to make it even better, your bag will be reversible!


  • 4 pairs of jeans of different colors, but of equal thickness: dark blue, blue, light blue, white;
  • fabric for the second side of the bag (120 cm × 60 cm);
  • pocket from jeans;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine (you can also sew manually);
  • paper (to make a pattern);
  • carbon paper;
  • cardboard (I used a box of chocolates);
  • 2 zippers for pockets (20 cm, 35 cm);
  • pen / pencil, chalk (if the fabric is dark);
  • ruler.

Step 1: Making a Pattern

You need: paper, pencil / pen, ruler, cardboard, scissors.

Draw the pattern of the bag on your paper. Number the pieces and sign the color of the necessary jeans.

Transfer the pieces of the pattern onto the cardboard with the help of carbon paper. Cut them out. Do not forget to write number and color on each.

Step 2: Making Jeans Pieces

You need: 4 pairs of jeans of different colors (dark blue, blue, light blue, white), scissors, pen / pencil, templates made in the previous stage.

Unstitch the jeans seams and smooth out the folds.

Lay your cardboard templates on the jeans as closely as possible, leaving around the cardboard 0.7-1 cm. Circle the cardboard templates with a pen or pencil (on white jeans use a pencil). Cut out the pieces from the jeans with margins.

The bag has a jeans pattern on both sides. Therefore, you need two parts with a mirror pattern. For the second part, the templates need to be turned to the other side.

In total, there will be 33 pieces for one side of the bag and 33 pieces for the other side. Do not mix them.

Step 3: Stitching the Jeans Pieces

You need: pieces of jeans and paper pattern, made in the previous stages, thread, needle, scissors, sewing machine.

Sew the pieces of jeans so that you get a pattern like on paper. Sew from the edges to the center, then the center.

Do the same with the jeans pieces for the second side of the bag.

Sew everything well by hand or on a sewing machine, except for the seam between pieces No. 14 and No. 15 (if you want to make a pocket).

Step 4: Sewing a Pocket to a Jean Side

You need: zipper, pocket, thread, needle, scissors, jean side of the bag, stitched in the previous step.

Sew a zipper between the two parts of the pattern - between No.14 and No.15 (see the pattern).

Sew a pocket from jeans to zipper.

Step 5: Shaping the Bag

You need: thread, needle, scissors, second fabric, iron, bag pattern from step 1, jeans parts of the bag, sewn in the previous step.

Put together the jeans parts of the bag with the front sides. Sew the bottom of the bag and the top of the handles.

Turn out jeans bag.

Cut out the paper pattern of bag (done in step 1).

Fold the fabric for the second side of the bag in half, pin the paper pattern to the cloth (the bottom of the bag will be on the fold) and cut out the bag pattern with margins 1,0-1,5 cm (3 cm for top of the handles).

Make two pockets. Sew the pockets together on the bottom. Sew a zipper to the pocket 1. Then sew the pockets to fabric of the bag (photos).

Sew the bottom and the top of the fabric bag (as well as the jeans bag). Don’t turn out the fabric bag.

Put the fabric bag inside the jean bag.

Sew outer edges of the handles, then turn out the handles on the front side.

Sew inside edges of the handles, folding them.

Sew the top of the handles, folding edges of fabric.

Step 6: Enjoying the Work Done

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    3 years ago

    I love the cool look of the bag!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you very much!

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    I really like the design of the overall knot bag and the pattern you did with the fabric :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! I'm happy that you like it! :)