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Introduction: Reviving Phone Case Using Rubberbands

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Phone covers are expensive. And you know what’s the worst part? When you see a beautiful case and discover that it is not available for your phone model ):

But you don’t have to waste hours to find your perfect phone cover. You can just make one for yourself. As buying a new one every time for a fresh look can become expensive and unrealistic. My phone case was worn out and I was tinkering how can I make my phone case colorful and fantastic to look new. I had many options but then I came up with this amazing idea of decorating phone cover using rubber bands. I thought, What can be done with rubberband instead of wearing them on hand and hair? So I used the rainbow loom bracelet technique and applied them on phone. Its really simple, easy and lot of fun.

Lets see what we require to make this.

Step 1: All You Need Are Few Things

1) Old Phone case (Only if it is a hard phone case).

2) Lots of multiple color rubber bands. I used neon colors as they stand out and are perfect for the summers.

3) Superglue to stick rubber bands on the phone case.

4) Any Gel pen refill or C clips to collect all the weaved bands (I forgot to mention this in picture).

5) Gloves(optional), as the superglue can stick your fingers together.

6) Last but the most important one is yourfingers.

Step 2: Basic Steps in Forming Rubberband Links

To form a loom free bracelet link, you need any two finger of yours. I am using my Pointer and Middle finger.

* Take one small rubber band of your choice and stretch it across your two fingers while making a cross/figure 8

or infinity sign.

* Grab a second rubber band of another color and place it on the top of the first one without making any cross.

* Pick the bottom rubber band from middle finger and flip it inward by pulling it over the finger and release.

* Repeat the above step for the Pointer finger.

* Start adding the rubbers one by one in alternate colors. I am alternating between Pink and green rubberband.

* From time to time you need to push your band down to make space for more bands.

I have linked a small video for better explanation.

Step 3: Make Your First Band for the Case

Continue to link the bands together to the length of the Phone Case. Measure the length required for the case by placing the band over the phone from top to bottom. When you reach the desired length goal, take a refill from a ball pen and insert the pointed end of the refill on the topmost band of the two fingers. You can also Use C clips to secure your band.

Step 4: Complete All the Links Needed for the Case

I made a total of 15 links of rubber bands for my Phone Case (all are not in the picture). Each link is weaved by measuring the length of the case. I made an alteration of the combination of Pink plus Green and Pink plus Yellow rubber bands.

Step 5: Its Time to Paste the Bands

Start pasting the bands on the phone case as per length. Make sure you do not use soft case as the rubberband links won't stick on the case. I used a crayon pencil to hold ends of the links on place or to press it down. You can use gloves for safety, as the glue is going to stick on your fingers if not used carefully.

Step 6: Fill Up the Spaces

Cut the rubber bands in small pieces to fill up the small empty spaces on the Case. In my case, the area around Fingerprint sensor and Camera was not filled properly. So I used superglue and pasted small band pieces on the areas.

Step 7: Ta-Da !! Rubberband Phone Case Is Ready :)

Isn't it easy and super exciting? I Loved how the colors turned out to be. Hope you enjoyed this Instructable.

Thank you.

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