Introduction: Reviving an Electric Shear

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I know what you may be thinking. "Why would anyone want to convert a cordless tool into a corded one?"  Well for starters, the batteries in this tool has terrible battery life and replacing it is too costly and troublesome. And secondly, as the batteries quickly deplete, the power of the tool goes way down making continual usage frustrating and pointless because I can only get about 3 minutes tops usage out of it before it needs recharging again.

So a quick and easy solution to solve that problem is to change the power source from DC from the batteries to AC from the wall socket.

Step 1: Materials

Here is a list of the tools you will need:

• Screwdriver
• Soldering Iron
• Solder wire
• Short piece of electrical wire
• Helping hands (optional)

*Dependent on the type of shear you have, you may also need a more powerful AC adapter.

Step 2: Disassembly

In order to alter the circuitry, you will need to open the unit.

Step 3: Alter the Circuitry and Testing

I decided to isolate the batteries from the rest of the circuit and let it remain in place to serve as a weight for the unit. Besides, there is no point in removing it at this point and if I did, there would be an huge empty space inside the case, and it would feel too light.

Dependent on your circuit board, you will need to trace where the power travels on the board to the power switch and how the switch is setup in order to isolate the battery and reroute the power from the AC source directly to the motor.

It is necessary to test the circuit to make sure it functions the way you want before reassembly because if you don't, you will have to take it apart again.

Step 4: Done

After the successful modification, its time to reassemble the unit and use a more powerful wall adapter as the one it came with will be likely too weak to power the motor with the attachments.