Introduction: Revolution - Bike Stamp

"Revolution" turns your bike wheel into a rolling stamp. The stamps are 3D printed letters to clip on your wheel with a cable tie. Push the inking roll against the wheel to ink the letters and leave your message on the pavement. You can easily customize and 3D print all the parts you need in the closest Fablab.

"Revolution" is part of, a collaborative platform for activists exploring new ways of public expression. You can find more information about the project on

Revolution - Streettoolbox

Step 1: What You Need

Pretty much everything you'll need will be 3D printed. The materials they usually use (PLA and ABS) are a bit too hard for the ink to really work for stamping. The good news is the guys from Fenner Drives have created a softer 3D printable material they call NinjaFlex. This PU-based material will transfer ink much better.

So you need:

- a 3D printer (I used an Atom)

- some NinjaFlex for the stamps (I bought it here)

- some regular ABS or PLA for the inking system (I bought it here)

- 2 long M5 bolts longer than 50mm and 2 nuts

- 1 regular inking pad (bought mine at Rymans)

- plenty of cable ties (bought at Maplin)

- a nice bike

- a good message

Of course you can have a look at the closest Fablab around you to order your prints from them. The stamps take minutes to print so it should be super cheap.

Step 2: Printing the Inking System

Go on Thingiverse on this page:

Download the 4 files and print them with PLA or ABS.

Then cut a 3mm wide strip on the ink pad and wedge it inside the roller.

You can then assemble the different parts together, and mount them on your bike using two cable ties.

Step 3: Print the Stamps

The link for the customizable stamps can be found here.

First you will need to register on Thingiverse.

Then click the "Open in Customizer" button at the right hand side.

Enter the letter, number or sign you want in the text box.

Click "Create Thing" button at the lower right corner. Click "Create Thing" button in the message box again.

Download the stl. file in "My Thing" of your Thingiverse account.

You can then print you stamps with the Ninjaflex material. I found that a max speed of 40mm/min was giving the best results with this material.

Now it's time to mount them on you wheel with some cable ties.

The current design works on disk brakes and fixed geared bikes. We're currently developing solutions for caliper braking. Or you know, don't use the back brake, only the front one...

Step 4: Put Your Message Everywhere

Now get on the street and ink that pavement with some good messages.

The black ink of the standard ink pad works like a charm on grey concrete sidewalks, but I'm sure you creative people will find mods to use plenty of colors, glow in the dark paints, glue, invisible inks and more.

Share what you've created on the streettoolbox platform, it's here for that, and have a look for the other public expression tools we have on stock.

"Empty walls, silenced people"