Introduction: Revolution

The plate is 93 cm long, 25 cm wide, 1 cm thick, the shaft is 24 cm long, the wheel diameter is 3.14 cm, the plate height is 7.5 cm, the shock absorber is 3.5 cm, each fixed plate USES 4 screws, each screw diameter is 0.74 cm.First make a black board face, by the rectangle with the cylinder, and then make a bearing, reduce the friction of the wheels on the shaft, the fixed plate is composed of rectangular, shaft is composed of cylindrical and triangular prism, board face gives priority to color with black, combined with light blue and black, highlighting the skateboard beautiful but low-key, with the prime symbol for the MAKER for this board, the groups in the SR for this board.

Step 1: To Make the Plate

Make a cuboid 93 cm long, 25 cm wide, 1 cm wide, and two semicircles. Tilt the semicircle and reduce it to the right size. Combine them together to make a plate

Step 2: Make Wheels and Bearings

Bearing: make two cylinders and two tubular bodies, make the tubular bodies transparent, then combine the tubular bodies in turn with the circular external wall and the inner wall, then make eight spheres, adjust their size, align and combine them, combine

Wheels: make the cone and cylinder transparent, take out a cylinder, size them, and align and combine them

Step 3: Core

Combine the cuboid with nut and screw to make a fixed plate.

Three cylinders and a nut make the shock absorber The angles of a number of triangular prisms and cylinders are combined to make a bracket.

Step 4: Combination

Adjust the size and Angle of all the parts and combine them together to match the reality, for example, the shaft should not be too short or too long, then match the colors of all the parts, design your own logo pattern on the front and back of the skateboard, and combine them again

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