Introduction: Rewarding Machine (hang Clothes)

Doing chores is sometimes a hard time for many people. After eight hours and even more time working at the school or your workplace, laziness and tiredness will then come to you. However, when you arrive home, you will then throw your jacket on the sofa or other places. As time went by, your sofa will have a bunch of clothes which make your room really messy. Therefore, if there is a rewarding machine, it can encourage you to change the bad habit which is throwing the clothes everywhere. And you will eventually have a clean house.


Materials you have to prepare to be able to make this machine:

For Machine:

  • Breadboard x1
  • Arduino Leonardo x1
  • Wires x10
  • Motor x1
  • Photoresistor x1
  • Resistance x1

For Decoration:

  • A paper box x1 size: (length* width* height) 21* 12.5* 4 cm
  • A4 paper (for the use of the track)
  • Color pen
  • Color paper
  • Popsicle sticks (for the use of stabilizing the track and the block) 9.5cm x6

Step 1: Making the Machine

1. Plug in every wires, resistance, motor and photoresistor into the specific places in the breadboard

Please follow the diagram of the circuit that was provided at the top, in able to make the machine work.

Step 2: Coding

Download the code to let the machine works.

The detailed description is beside each line of the code, manipulate it if you need.

Step 3: Start to Decorate the Machine

1. Prepare a paper box (length* width* height) 21* 12.5* 4 cm. Put the breadboard into the paper box.

2. Dig a hole on the left-hand side of the box and pulls the photoresistor out to let it be at the surface of the box.

3. Find the place for the USB charger, draw it on the box and cut it out.

4. Prepare A4 paper cut it into (length* width) 21* 7 cm. This is for the track.

5. After cut, the paper into the size folds the paper into the ratio of 2:3:2 cm. Diagram will be provided to show a more clear size of the track.

6. Sticks the track on the right-hand side of the box. Use of paper to cover it.

7. Then sticks three popsicle sticks (9.5cm) together to form the block, and stick it on the motor.

8. (Optional): Cover the box with color paper and decorate it.

Step 4: Testing & Finish!!

Test if the machine works by covering the photoresistor with your hand.