Introduction: Reware Your PDA: Dual Boot Linux on a Palm TX From an SD Card

As part of the Reware project, we've been working at Eyebeam since July on making it easy to install your own software on devices like the Palm TX. We now have our first HOWTO video, showing the basics of how to use a Reware disk image yourself, then it illustrates some of musical apps we've made using Pd.

Coming soon, a image for running Pd, Python, and Lua programs on PDAs, as well as a HOWTO for making Pd patches for 1-5G iPods. The key idea is to turn old PDAs, mobile phones, etc. into something like an Arduino, where you can easily upload your own code to the device.

Please keep me posted on how it works for you, this is a new project, so I am really looking for feedback. Also, these disk images are designed to be a platform for programming rather than another PIM suite. The goal is to get people to create all sorts of new uses for these little computers.

I've been dual booting my Palm TX for a couple months now and the worst thing that happens is the clock gets set to 1942, but this is a new project, so be sure to do a full sync before trying the image. There are no guarantees that this will work for you.