Reycling Bottles Into Useful Projects



Introduction: Reycling Bottles Into Useful Projects

I noticed that at thrift stores, yard sales and antique stores they have lots of old bottles in bins and totes.

I started looking on line for ideas to reuse the bottles into other pieces.

So, I bought a bottle cutter on amazon, with the highest reviews at the time, called Home pro shop. Check this out: Bottle Cutter and Glass Cutter Bundle - DIY Machine for Cutting ...

In this DIY I will upload my projects as I make them with this amazing tool!


Bottle cutter
Pot of boil water
Pot of ice cold water
Empty bottles with out the cap/lid
Old jewelry
Broken items to reuse...rusty things etc...

Step 1: Set Up and Score the Bottle

1. With medium and rotate the bottle towards you.
2. you will hear the bottle being scored. *just go around one time. (I went over the line with the black label bottle and it cracked during the next step.)

Step 2: Hot and Cold Water

On the stove you should have ... boiling water and right next to it you should have a
2. pot of ice water.
3. It may take a number of times of Dipping the bottle into the hot water and then into the cold-water. Until It completely breaks.

Step 3: Sand the Top of the Bottle

Lightly sand the top of the bottle so it isn't sharp.

Step 4: Now the Bottle Is Ready... DIY Time

Once the bottle is sanded. It is ready to be used/recycled into a candle, candle holder, vase, light, and so much more! I want to make a hanging light for my kitchen and work on some barn window arts.

*I Used this on our bar to hold stir sticks!

Step 5: Beer Bottle Art

Next, I cut beer bottles.
1. I want to make a wind chime with the tops. I found some old chains I had saved. I used an old chain and keychain hoops I had saved. I attached a keychain to the chain and ran the chain thru thr bottle until I fit 5 on the chain. I attached a keychain at the top so it was secure. Last I found some bells and a stone that had fallen off a broken necklace!

2. Place a solar light inside and add to patio or yard for a fun theme. You could glue the bottle bottom to a platform for height.

Step 6: Barn Window Art With Bottle Bottoms

1. Same steps as before. Score. drip in hot and cold water. Repeat until the bottom breaks off. When you have a large pile.
2. Find an old window. I am using a barn window.
3. Clean off the window. I removed the bottom glass. That will stick into the ground.
4. Place glue on the bottle bottoms and place on top of the window.
5. Repeat until the window is covered in glass bottoms. You can fill in the empty spots with other broken glass, glass stones etc....
6. Hang or place in a window as a stain glass art piece. I will upload pic as soon as its complete.

*last I saved the rest of the glass for another project.

Step 7: Old Bottle Windchime/glass Art

1. First I collected my supplies.
*glass bottle with bottom cut and smoothed.
*broken jewelry
2. I attached the key ring to the second link on chain.
3. I put the chain thru the bottom of the bottle and brought it thru the top. I placed a clip on to the chain to hold the chime.
4. I had old jewelry that I've I picked through the basket and found a long black beaded necklace and 2 old earnings I liked to make my windchime look sparkly.
5. I cut the necklace in 3rds and tied off the ends.
6. Next I tied each stran to the bottom of the chain.
7. Each string of beads got a piece attached to the bottom.
8. Last, I hung it above my plants in the window.

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