Introduction: Reycycled Grocery Bag Holder

This Is my Take, To clean up clutter and make a nice spot to store recycled grocery bags.

Step 1: The Problem

I had a bag in the bottom of my pantry to store all my old grocery bags. It took up a lot of floor space and was messy.

Step 2: Gather Parts

Parts Needed

  1. Pvc pipe I used a 2ft section of 4 in pipe.
  2. Bottom Cap to go with pipe. I used a flush cap, It looked cleaner and was cheaper.
  3. Mounting Brackets (2x)
  4. Paint only had flat black on hand so I went with that.
  5. Also depending on where your going to mount your master piece I used drywall studs and needed 4 of them.

Step 3: Tools Needed

These are the tools I used feel free to improvise.

  1. Cordless Dremel
  2. Cutoff wheel for Dremel
  3. Shop Vacuum To clean up the mess
  4. Flat head screwdriver Used as a pry to get pvc cutout free
  5. Sanding Wheel for Dremel, to smooth out the edges
  6. Vise clamp, To secure pvc while cutting
  7. Sharpie marker, To outline the cut
  8. Rubber mallet, To hammer in the pvc bottom cap
  9. Drill to drill out pilot holes for the drywall anchors
  10. Same drill to screw in the mounting hardware

The cap fit very snug, so I though pvc glue was overkill

Step 4: Mark the Hole to Be Cut

Grab the pvc pipe, take the cap and determine where it will be once installed in the pipe. mark a line there.

I used a roll of wire to get the angle right, or at least close in this case.

Determine how big of hole you would like, mark the top round part.

Then as best as I could draw a straight line down from the arch

And there you have it, marked and ready to be cut.

Step 5: Carefully Make the Cut

I used the Dremel and cutoff wheel and started cutting on the mark lines.

It helped to clamp the pipe down on the workbench

This will make quit a mess.

Also Safety First wear some safety glasses.

Step 6: The Holes Cut, Now Clean It Up a Bit

I used the Dremel and the sanding bit to smooth out the edges the best I could. I tried to make all the edges rounded and smooth.

I also put the cap in place before cutting, I tried to not damage the cap at all.

Step 7: Testing It Out Before Painting

Worked Great. Now time for some paint.

Step 8: Painting the Parts

I suggest doing this outside, in a well ventilated area. I put the brackets on a stump in the backyard and painted them there.

I did drill a small hole in the top of the pvc pipe to have spot to tie up the pvc pipe to a tree. I used a zip tie and some string to suspend it from a tree branch.

I spay painted everything black, And let it dry overnight.

Step 9: Mounting the Finished Masterpiece

I found the perfect spot on the pantry wall to mount it to.

I did a test fit and marked the holes for the wall anchors.

I drilled the pilot holes to fit the wall anchors. Mine were 5/16''

Install the anchors in the drywall.

Attach the brackets and pipe to the anchors.

The End.

I enjoyed designing and making this kitchen gadget. Comments or questions are always welcome.

Total cost in this project was about $20 I had a few things on hand.

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