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Introduction: Rey's Battle Staff

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I made a Rey's Battle Staff (Star Wars) for a costume, and it was a success. First of all, I looked in various websites until I found the model I liked. Yes, it was a replica of the staff and I liked so much. What I didn't like was the price: $299. My instructables are cheap, and that philosophy must be respected. I made it from trash and I have spent less than $10.

This staff is 183 cm (72 inches) long. You will need:

- A bar: yes, I recommend a 2 meters (2,7 inches) PVC pipe and cut it ($3). I could save it because I looked for hollow steel pipes in the trash and joint them to the desired measure.

- EVA foam: I took advantage of rests of EVA foam I had, but if you have to buy it, it won´t mean more than $2. I had some white pieces.

- Painting: I used black painting, but you can use grey painting if you prefer. Buy the cheapest ($3).

- Leather or PU strip: For the handle.I got it from an old bag. ($0)

- Bandages: I took them from an old first aid kit. ($0)

- 2 bottle caps: From water bottles is ok. ($0)


Scissors, hot glue gun, cutter, patience.

Step 1: Prepare the Pipe and the EVA Foam Forms

First of all, I have attached a file named "staff_measures.pdf" with orientative and approximate measures of each part of the staff.

If you have got a PVC pipe, just cut it to the measure long. If you have steel pipes and you have to join them, you have several easy ways to do it. I chose to put some EVA foam into the wider pipe during I was penetrating it with the narrower. Another idea is drilling them and pass a screw and nut, but mine is easier.

Cut the EVA foam forms. Straight forms are easy. The long to wrap them correctly is L = D * pi, where D is the external diameter of the pipe that you are using.

For the calculation of conic forms, it is more complicate, but I have created an Excel that calculates it (conic.xlsx).You only have to introduce the parameters r1, r2 and h1 and it will calculate all the measures. The "fan" figure show the measures of the flat form you must draw in order to create the conic forms.

Once you have done the EVA forms, paste them in the tube with hot glue.

Finally use the bottle caps to cover both extremes of the staff.

Step 2: Paint It All

EVA foam and the pipe are surely of different colors. Paint them together and it will take a much better look. I recommend using spray painting. No fear, this won't ruin the EVA foam.

Extra: You should add a "rusty effect" painting the EVA foam joints with Brown painting.

Step 3: Decorating

Roll the leather strip on the tube and paste it with hot glue. Once you have rolled it, roll the bandages on the leather strip, as it is shown in the pictures. Fix them with hot glue too.

Step 4: Hooks and Belt

Place oddment from belts in the spaces marked in the scheme. Exploit the belt from an old bag and hook it in both rings. Use hot glue if needed in order to fix the belts to the tube (yes, at this stage hot glue and you are best friends).

And finally... enjoy it. This staff is finished.

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    3 years ago

    One of these days I'm gonna get to playing around with some EVA foam - this is awesome!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you very much.