Reys Staff

Introduction: Reys Staff

Reys staff from Force Awakens

Step 1: Parts

I bought some plumbing pieces from Bunnings, not sure on the names

Various pvc plumbing pieces
long pvc pipe
soft black tubing or old phone cord
craft foam
2x bottle caps
hammertone spray paint and primer
hotglue gun and sticks

Step 2: Cutting Pipe and Pieces

I dont have photos of this but I cut the pipe to just above head height for my daughter. Then the pvc pieces with slot were cut.. can see in next photos.
Also cut a few foam pieces to slide inbetween the pice an pipe for a snug fit as the were bigger then the pipe.

Step 3: Assembly

Pictures are a good guide.
I used hot glue to secure pieces, in the first picture I added some cardboard pieces for the flares.
The black tubing was wound in 2 places and the other black piece are just foam. The bottle caps finish the ends off nicely.

Step 4: Prime and Paint

I covered the staff in primer and then a few coats of hammertone to get the correct colour.

I did also had some brown and calico cloth which I just wrapped and hot glued down to finish it off.

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