Introduction: R,g,b Speaker

About: I am not yet a teenager but am still good at electronics and stuff like that.

This is simple and cool


2 speakers
3v r,g,b led
12 v power supply
2 resistors 10% (that is what it says on mine)
2 capacitors 26v
Amplifier (for powering)

Step 1: All in 1

Solder a wire on the negative input of the speaker. Now solder a capacitor with negative on the speaker positives. Next solder a wire (different colour) on the facing out positives of the capacitor. Now solder both resistors to the positive and negative (1 on each) of your r,g,b LED then cut any jacks off your power supply and strip 5mm or so. You see 5mm of wire now put a jacket of solder on both wires of the power supply solder on the resistors, and that’s almost it!

Step 2: Enclosure

I made mine out of Lego you can make yours with metal or something.