Introduction: Rhett the Human

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Rhett Africa is my first and only human character. He's a young boy who is also a compulsive lier. This is all I know about him so far, but I've mastered the way to draw him!

Step 1: Rhett's Skeleton

Draw the connected circles to create the skeleton of Rhett.

Step 2: The Head of Rhett

Copy the photos to get the desired shape of Rhett's head, hair, and neck.

Step 3: Body Functions

Here you will draw Rhett's body and neck tie.

Step 4: Details, Details

Copy the photos to create Rhett's dazzling & goofy smile, his dark & messy hair, and his arm.

Step 5: COLORS!!1!!

Color Rhett's...

Skin- Peach
Suit- Dark Grey
Tie- Alternating Between Dark Blue and Orange
Tongue- Light Pink
Hair- Black


Enjoy your drawing of Rhett! I bet your drawing is just fabulous!

I'm sorry that you guys have to put up with my crappy directions for drawings.

Post a picture if you draw the chubby Rhett.

Leave suggestions, compliments, and comments!

Here to help!

~Sky Productions