Introduction: Rhino of Great Joy

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In today's story, the Prince learned to appreciate his best friend, the rhinoceros Great Joy. He named her that because she brought his heart great joy. Who are the people in your life that bring you great joy? Let's make a rhino of great joy to think about the gratitude and joy we have in the people who are most important to us!


-construction paper, cardstock, or recycled paperboard (regular white paper won't have enough structure)

-markers or colored pencils



Step 1: Draw Your Rhino Shape.

Take the paper you want to use for your rhino's body, and fold it in half. Draw a long head, a leg, a tummy, and another leg on one side of the paper (like in the picture). It doesn't have to be perfect. All rhinos are different!

Make sure the rhino's back is right against the fold of the paper, and similarly, make sure its back leg touches the edge of the paper.

Step 2: Cut Out the Rhino's Body.

Leaving the paper folded, cut out the shape. Make sure not to cut through the fold on its back!

Step 3: Decorate Your Rhino.

I gave mine a nostril, little eyes, toes, and a goofy smile. Be sure to decorate both sides!

What does your rhino look like?

Step 4: Who Gives You Great Joy?

Unfold your rhino and flip it over.

Think about which friends and family in your life you're most grateful for. Who brings you great joy? Write down whoever you can think of. Do you ever find yourself taking any of them for granted? How can you be the best friend you can be?

Step 5: Make Ears.

Take a scrap of the paper you cut away from your rhino's body. Fold it in half. Then, draw a little leaf shape against the fold. Leaving the paper folded, cut out the shape. Don't cut the fold!

Unfold it. Now you have ears for your rhino!

Step 6: Make Your Rhino's Horn.

I decided to make my rhino's horn pink. Draw a small cone shape (I think mine was about an inch and a half long) on the paper. Cut it out.

Step 7: Cut Slits.

Cut two slits on the top of your rhino's head. Mine were about half an inch. Start small and see if your ears and horn can slide in. You can always make the slits a little bigger!

Step 8: Admire Your Rhino.

Your rhino can remind you of the people in your life in whom you take great joy!