Introduction: Ribbon and Tape Holder From Dry Cleaning Hanger

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I'm sick of trying to find my ribbon in my little cramped drawer! Aargh! I'm working on organizing my "studio" as a weekend project. (somehow I think this a lifelong project)

Then I saw this Pinterest pin about using a stacking pants hanger to store ribbon. I need floor space in my craft/sewing room ("studio") more than closet space.

This idea works really well, but I only had one hanger to spare and didn't want to buy more.

So  then I had an idea: use a hanger that I already had!

Step 1: Dry Cleaner Hanger

When we send things to the dry cleaner they come back on those hangers with a cardboard tube.
I save them. (Why? It's that compulsive saving habit that I have.  Sigh.   My fear is ending up on one of those TV shows with the H name. )
I try to recycle them, but the recycling center doesn't like hangers.

Pry off the end (usually it is the one with a little slot or crumpled end).

Slip on your ribbons on their spools. If the hole in the spool is too small, make it bigger.

Close the end by shoving it back into the cardboard.

Hang up your ribbon, and duct tape.


I can now see what I have without digging through several drawers or baskets.

And better yet, not buy extra of what I already have!! (Buy what I don't have??)

Step 2: Just Had to Share

After running madly to my favorite person (hubSTAR) and showing him, we both said simultaneously:


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